Parody Songs

This is where we list a bunch of song parodies by the EVE Online community pilots! Enjoy the list! I know there are parody’s missing shoot me an eve mail in game or at evepodcasts @ gmail . com

Clicking on the Name of the author takes you to their SoundCloud or YouTube sites.

Thanks to Virto Nex doing all the hard work and gathering this list! Check out his Blog Cannon Fodder and give him some kudos for the hard work! Also a big thanks to Poetic Stanziel for the start of his favorites list, on the blog post of his at Poetic Discourse also check his blog out as well!


Just click on the names of the artists to see their full catalogs of songs.


Jita’s On Fire
The Carebear Type
*Blackhuey has a great compilation of many parody eve songs so I’m going to link it here!

Little Bees
I Robbed A Goon
Seleene Transvestite
109 Stupid Goons
Fuck Goons

How To Stay Aligned
Hurricanes Omg this song is amazing, download link on the youtube site!


Cynos Down

Eve, Oh Eve
My Guns Were Made For Shooting

Gate Camp Strut
Six Days On The Road

Roc Wieler He does soundtrack music

  • By Alekseyev Karrde & Jimer Lin – sorry no SoundCloud or youtube by them

Pandemic Phone
Clik Lok

This is how we Mine
I’m Not Moving
Changed The Way You FC
Who’s Gonna Save The Fleet Tonight?
Mad Eve World
I Dream Of Paradise, Everytime A Carebear Dies
Reship, Carry On (Blame CCP)
Eve Uprising
The Brightside Of PvP
Eve Players

Pandemic Legion
Elect Elise
Winter Update
Fight Us Maybe?

I’m In A Rokh
Nyx In A POS

  • By DJ  Doby – doesn’t have a SoundCloud, but I did get a link to his songs on EVE Files!

Hey Yaa (So Sacked)
Dear CCP
Dude Your Alt Is A Woman
The Real Slim Doby
Carebear Rhapsody
Riny XXX
E-R Army
Born To Play Eve

I Love New Eden

EVE Dumb Ways to Die
Makalu Cries
Good Fight (featuring DJ Starstream)
Dock Game

(Internet) Starships

these are Soundtrack Music, not Parodies
Stay Frosty
Vile Rat

Tribute To Sabre A
Romance In Eve
Battle Of The ePeens
Noob, You’ll Have An ePeen Soon
Dax Is Back
Eve-O Logic
Rats Got Loot
Behind Carebear Eyes
Runaway Inflation
Dreaming Of Eve
Flashing Red
Forum Whiners Unite!
Silver Death Bots
I Need a New Home!
I’m A Racketeer!
I’m A Big Big Noob!
Because I Got High
Random Pwnage
Amarrian Pie
Flavor Of The Month
We Be Pirates
Carebear Blues
Ballad Of CCP
Eve Online Is For BOB